iot company Close-up of a Wibadge electronic shelf label device displaying model information (2.13"), version (1.05), and PID (206C360A3253) along with a QR code on its screen.

The ESL Maiva/Senstornet are designed to replace traditional paper labels, offering instant updates of product information. This innovative system allows retailers to easily and efficiently manage prices, promotions, and other product information in real time. Thanks to wireless connectivity, these electronic labels ensure seamless communication with a centralized management platform.

This connection enables bidirectional communication between the labels and the central system (the ESL-WiBadge platform) through an Android smartphone gateway.

The ESL Maiva/Senstornet offer advanced features that facilitate the management of prices and product information, making management more efficient and enhancing the shopping experience.

  • Customization: Retailers can customize the labels according to their needs, including information such as product name, price, promotions, and even images. The flexibility in choosing label models and font styles allows for optimal product presentation.
  • Real-Time Updates: The ESL Maiva/Senstornet enable instant updates of prices and product information, eliminating errors and delays associated with paper labels.
  • Centralized Management: The ESL-WiBadge management platform allows for efficient and centralized management of the labels. With an intuitive user interface, the platform is organized into clear sections, making it easy to input, modify, and update product information.
iot company A white electronic display showing options labeled Field1 and Field2, with buttons F3 and F4. An icon of a plant appears next to Field1.