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Our history

Maiva WiBadge products are Electronic Shelf Labels designed to serve several markets. 

They are part of a global solution that efficiently handles transactions through communication between our partners POS offering or customer database and the electronic shelf labels. 

Maiva WiBadge prodcuts are connected locally to one or several base staions ( (capable of connecting up to 2500 ESLs)  . The base Stations are acting as a bridge between the WiBadges, and Maiva ESL backend; The whole system enables a secure, low-power encrypted connection, facilitating two-way data communication.

For increased capacity or extended range, multiple base stations can be deployed. These stations can seamlessly integrate into the existing POS system. 

Simultaneously, Wi-Fi digital color display screens might ensuring swift and reliable content updates. 

The synergy between WiBadge ESLs and color digital signage creates an engaging shopping experience.

ESL Product Specifications:
  • Good readability: Écrans E-ink entièrement graphiques – lisibilité similaire à celle du papier
  • Perfect readability: Black & White, Red (Yellow on request)
  • Multi-color LED: Multi-color flash with different intensities for different applications (RGB flash, 4 intensity levels)
  • Battery life: Up to 10 years of battery life
  • Ultra-fast two-way optical wireless communication
  • Ease of installation: Specifications related to ease of installation, such as magnetic or adhesive mounting options.
  • Storage capacity: internal storage of data and images used in electronic labels.
  • Security: Integration of security measures to protect displayed data and prevent unauthorized manipulation.
  • Software Compatibility: For use in conjunction with inventory and pricing management software, with a compatibility specification. 
  • MAIVA ESL system has the ability to offer integrated inventory management. Electronic labels enable real-time updating of stock levels, ensuring accurate and instant visibility of available products.
  • Instant Remote Price Updates: Ultra-fast remote price updates eliminate the need for manual intervention for price changes.
  • Assured Price Accuracy: By guaranteeing price accuracy between label and register, the MAIVA ESL system significantly improves the customer experience. 
  • Reducing Working Hours: With electronic shelf labels, all prices can be updated simultaneously from a computer in the same amount of time it takes to manually change a single label. The decrease in time spent on this task allows for more interaction time with customers.
  • Streamlining Promotions: With a simple click, you can effortlessly introduce discounts for a chosen period. These promotions can even be broadcast to other screens, accompanied by photos/videos, to highlight the promotion, for example, in the store’s showcase.